Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Not sure who to trust any more...

This is getting weirder..

I accepted an assignment last week to meet up with Rachel to collect information - or so I thought... She seemed more interested in asking me questions than giving me info which seemed suspicious, not asking the question but the persistence and asking if I knew anything else.

I've been keeping an eye on the other agents blogs and it seems that I'm not alone in wondering who to trust.

Another assignment was issued for today, which I didn't accept but went along to observe. I checked in to the node to see what info was there and agents were being directed to look for a man in a bowler hat with warnings of sighting of a TFT landrover in the area. Whilst assessing the situation, another (presumed) agent approached the behatted man, they disappeared out of sight then went outside where the agent was bundled into a TFT vehicle. The Amber informant (his handle on the node) did nothing to intervene... was this a trap?

Not sure who to trust. Here are some photos of today's events:

The man on the left was the 'hat man' who was joined by a second, then third suited man.

Then these two people arrived, presumably Amber agents.

After speaking to the 'Informant', they went outside where the man was bundled into the TFT landrover.

 Before I left I spoke to the behatted man who handed me this...

....which contained this document that also has a quote from 'The Shadow'.

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  1. That man was me; I posted about my experience here -